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What we receive just an order, it is more importantly a kind of gratitude, trust and responsibility
VHEN Sanitaryware, to provide international high-end products, constantly work on the quality and performance of product, to develop the latest technology of the industry. Under the background of this era, VHEN always believe that this mission is carrying the trust of our customers and it's also VHEN's consistent pursuit. "Perfection and excellence," depending on this style of working, VHEN will take seriously on every Faucet, Shower and even every small accessory. We vow to do our best. In return for the high expectations of ourcustomers, VHEN will continue to the efforts of exploration and innovation, with higher standard, better quality to make each product, to provide better value of products for customers and to create more benefits for partners.

Corporate vision:
More healthy development within the industry, a more respectable enterprise;

Corporate Mission:
Consumers: for users to create high-quality, efficient, environmentally friendly green water terminal system; Staff: staff to create a harmonious, mutual respect, competitiveness and development force working atmosphere; Business partners: to provide a fair and reasonable, mutually beneficial cooperation platform.

Core Values:
Honesty: Honesty is the Founding of the basic life criteria, conduct themselves in society’s norms, is a virtue and quality. Integrity is regarded as the country and the world conditions and must comply with ethical; integrity is honest, not fraud, is a man of honor, do sincerely to win the trust of the people, by credit. Interpersonal built on a moral basis, to each other tailor moral principle, which is a Junzizhijiao; Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving is a positive power of survival, and when I am unwilling Thanksgiving I happily toward success! Thanksgiving in order to have the responsibility, Thanksgiving is a state of mind, is a strong move ahead elan strong pleated life Rao Raiders! Thanksgiving help in the difficult people, Thanksgiving used to deceive and hurt my people, because they allow me to become more mature and stronger; learn to be grateful to take responsibility;

the greater the responsibility is better than ability, responsibility, enhance the ability of the space to the larger; must take on more responsibility in order to have greater rights; responsibility for creating the charm, charm only attractive, appealing toachievement; weak evasion of responsibility, brave responsibility; no should liable, only Do not liable; individuals not competitive, mainly due to disregard responsibility, awareness of the lack of play, and is not responsible spirit towards life and work;only respect our own jobs and responsibilities, in order to exchange for the approval of others; dignity of a nation with a powerful sense of national responsibility depends on the members of this nation, a business and even more so;

team win, is personal win; each member of the commitment to common ideals and goals; mutual assistance, mutual trust, open communication, respect for the value of each employee. To the company’s vision for the highest goal. Employees and co-development growth. This is our responsibility and pride;

Quality:This is our value and dignity;

Continuous Learning:humble, never complacent, and continue to deny their own.
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